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X/OS Linux is a free, enterprise-class Linux distribution focused on business and corporate users. It provides a complete GNU/Linux operating system and the latest release includes more than 2300 software packages selected on stability and performance.

X/OS Linux is released and maintained by X/OS Experts in Open Systems BV, and derived from the publicly available Red Hat Enterprise Linux source packages.

X/OS Linux was launched to provide a hassle-free enterprise-class Linux operating system without usage terms tied to commercial services. X/OS has made a public commitment to its users that X/OS Linux will be free of charge, now and in the future.

From desktop to data center, X/OS Linux is a sound choice for stable and secure computing.

X/OS is derivative Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) that is aimed at business and corporate users and available for installation via 6 CDs or a single DVD image. While X/OS ships with common open source software like Pidgin, Firefox, Open, Evolution, and RhythmBox, users can also add over 2,300 additional software packages.


Download X/OS Linux

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