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Sidux has built -- and lived up to -- its reputation as having a fast release cycle for its Debian sid-based live CD. This is not a distro for inexperienced Linux users since it's considered cutting-edge, but anyone who knows how to manage Linux will enjoy and easy installation process and outstanding hardware detection.If you do run into any issues using Sidux, there's an active community ready to help.

Sidux aims to be the best Debian sid-based live CD -- and it succeeds. It offers a clean, easy hard disk install and a fast release cycle.

The live CD's hardware detection worked well on several systems I tried, and the hard disk installation was an easy step-by-step process that walked me through partitioning, formatting, base package installation, configuration, updating the system, and installing additional software. The installation routine lets users choose Xfce, fluxbox, or fvwm-crystal as a window manager instead of the default KDE. The installer itself did most of the work -- I got a cup of coffee. The meta-package installation, which downloaded optional additional packages, took almost three times as long as the base installation, for a total of about 45 minutes.


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