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Starting with the best that open source has to offer Linspire adds CNR, proprietary software, drivers, and codecs to provide the world's easiest Linux-based operating system designed for laptop & desktop PCs.

Linspire add free access to all Linux software through CNR, allowing one-click installation from over 20,000 software programs, packages and libraries: both free & commercial software. (CNR Client currently in beta stage.)

Linspire use KDE (Version 3.5.6) for an easier-to-use and more comfortable interface, with a familiar look & feel for Mac and Windows users.

For added features and enhanced useability, Linspire modify software applications like Firefox and Thunderbird, along with adding Linspire-sponsored open source software like Nvu, Lsongs and Lphoto.

Adding proprietary software when necessary, like Java, Flash and Adobe Acrobat, provides increased interoperability. Linspire also provide one-click access to dozens of other commercial software programs such as StarOffice, Parallels, Win4Lin, and more.

Adding proprietary codecs expands software compatibility and provides a better overall experience so users can play MP3 files, watch DVDs, play Windows Media files, watch QuickTime movie trailers, and more.

Adding proprietary software drivers expands hardware compatibility and provides optimum 3D graphic card support, better WiFi support, and more.


Get Linspire

Unlike other Linux free distributions Linspire is not distributed free of cost. To purchase computers pre-installed with Linspire, plus software, peripherals, etc click here


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