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World of Linux Distros


GoblinX is a Live-CD that is based on the excellent Slackware, developed and maintained by Flavio de Oliveira a.k.a Grobsch and created by using Linuxlive scripts.

It is directed towards those users whose appreciate quality applications and a workspace that is both practical and beautiful. It contains some of the most often used and praised applications for Linux, a completely operational Linux system inside a single CD-ROM, runs from any CD-ROM drive without requiring the installation and can be easily costumized by everyone. It also can be used inside a Pendrive or other bootable device.


Download GoblinX

The GoblinX is available in three different Live CD forms, the common Live CD called as GoblinX Standard, the smaller edition called as GoblinX Mini and the professional edition called as GoblinX Premium, and even though both editions are licensed under GPL v2, the Premium edition is not distribute as ISO image.

For downloading GoblinX Standard and GoblinX Mini Images click here


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